You Are What You Read. Input = Output
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You Are What You Read. Input = Output

You Are What You Read

There was a quote used in the past about  “You are what you eat” in relation to our physical health and fitness. Then, with the rise of social media and Web 2.0, there’s another quote “You are what you tweet” in relation to what we’re saying and post on social network media, resemble who we are, or who we want to be perceived in the virtual world.

In Kurio, we deeply believe that ‘You are what you read’. We are the target of what media are telling us about things around us. Choosing what we read, which to read, the things that we access on daily basis really matters. It shapes how we think about things, it shapes our mindset and view about certain issues. Most of us lives in a various dimension in life. We as a professional, entrepreneur, or college students, or a spouse/ parent, and also as individual being with our own personal hobbies and interest. Naturally, we all want to excel and be good in each of those dimension.

Kurio share that mission, to be able to equip and empower our users to be good in each of their life dimension by ensuring they discover useful information that can help shape their mind, influence how think, how to reach, making choices. What we read, it becomes our mind, our mind influences our principles, our principles sets the tone how we act or react on situations. It all started from our intakes. Input determines output.

Be mindful of what we let into our head, do not underestimate the power of influence of what we consume to shape our mindset (good or bad), the choice is yours.

Reading certainly one way of determining what kind of influence that we want to let to have over our life.

Our mission is to make sure our users to have useful, positive impact to shape what’s on their mind.

You are what you read



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