What Is Kurio? What Can You Do With It?
Kurio adalah app berita Indonesia yang menyajikan beragam pilihan konten sesuai dengan minat dan rasa penasaran anda. Nikmati baca berita kapan saja, di mana saja!
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What Is Kurio? What Can You Do With It?

Kurio is your personal content discovery app. It’s a new way to discover, explore, and consume internet’s best content of news and beyond that matches your personalities and interest. Kurio filters millions of articles every day and recommend you the best of your favorite topics.

Kurio belief that no matter what you want to do or become, you can’t do it without knowledge. Now with Kurio, not only you can catch up with the latest local and international news from Internet’s best sources all in one place, it offers much more than just news. Powered with our smart engine, Kurio recommends useful, practical, and informative articles for your hobbies, work-related, your interest, and profession like startup, digital marketing, mobile programming, marketing, leadership, design, entrepreneurship, parenting, healthy living, travel, and hundreds of other topics. Your Kurio feed will be as unique as you are. Kurio learns your preference and will get smarter as you use it. Whatever you want to do or become, Kurio equips you with the necessary information to help you stay ahead and be great at it. Knowledge is power.

Kurio is both stunningly beautiful on the outside and intelligent on the inside. With our award winning beautiful design and user interface, combined with unique user experience, Kurio take even more pride of our smart engine. Powered with machine learning technology and recommendation engine, Kurio committed to ensure you get the story that you need. The more you use Kurio app, our engine will separate the noise and filter your feed. We hope you love our app and we hope you learn and discover something new everyday.

When you first launch Kurio, you can start by personalise your feed in simple steps. Use our search feature to explore and discover your favorite topics. You can also follow popular publications like the Esquire, FHM, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Trenologi, Daily Social, Marketing.co.id, Wall Street Journal Indonesia, Jakarta Post, Berita Satu, Auto Car, Fitness for Men, Super Soccer, and over thousands of other popular sources. We always update the list of the publishers sources every period. Kurio also lets you connected on your Twitter feed and important events, #Hastags, influencer on your Twitter to see more updates from your social feed.

Learn more at: http://www.kurioapps.com/faq and please follow us @KurioApps for more daily updates and tips. Thanks all



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