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Submitted! We're So Excited


After 6 months of validating, developing, crushing thousands of bugs, and iterations our Personal Content Discovery app ‘Kurio’ is submitted to Apple App Store and followed with Google Play Submission short afterwards.

What an exciting night when our team working on last minute stuff and able to see our logo on Apple App Store submission page. We’ve been blessed and privileged to work with some of most talented, smart, great personalities founding team. And for that, i’m forever grateful.

I pray that Kurio can be a great tool for our users in helping them discover, explore, and consume web’s best content. Inherently, we really believe that no matter what you want to do or become, you can’t do it without knowledge. Especially at our home country, Indonesia our young generations and generations to come can now take full advantage of infinite access to great useful and meaningful information, news. This is not to say they can’t do so right now. I was struck by the truth of Internet and search engine. In one of the scene in my favorite TV Series, ‘The Newsroom’ the main character, Will McAvoy says this to his shrink: “How i miss encyclopedia, you can find about pretty much everything.” And his shrink replied: “You can do that with Google”. Then Will reply with profound truth: “Yes, it’s true, but you need to know what you want to find or search. You can’t no longer just browse things anymore and discover interesting things that not necessarily you were looking for.”

På den måten vil legen kunne avgjøre om det er riktig og trygt for deg å ta i bruk en ce site potensmedisin for å behandle ditt problem. Psykisk syke ereksjonspiller i nord – norge går til både den lokale helbrederen og psykolog. Det har ikke vært så mange bivirkninger, og det er relativt greit å bruke.

I find that so true, especially to those users whose ability in typing the right keyword and technics on search engine is not as advance as others.

With Kurio, our app will help our users to discover interesting things. It’s much more than just news. It’s beyond. We want to equip our users with great article that match to their professional background, work related, industry related stories. Great quality, useful, meaningful, and practical information is widely available, yet access to it not necessary equal to everyone. We want to solve that.

Success for Kurio is not merely just getting millions of downloads, millions of active users, nor millions of dollars from revenue, or great review from Tech writers. Job well done is when Kurio can bring significant impact to people. First time mothers who needs great sources to learn about parenting, babies, nutrition, etc so they can be a great parent, great mom that their babies deserved. A 25 year old digital marketing who gets promoted or win great account for their companies, because of things they read and find on Kurio that makes her advance in her knowledge on how to create great solution for her clients. Or co founder of a startups like myself, to discover great tips, trick, how-to’s on business plan, revenue model, marketing, etc to navigate their first experience in entrepreneurship to have higher chances of success.

Those situation are what our team pray and hope to be able to deliver. Impacting people’s live, generate stronger young work force to be able to compete, to make better decision with their life, their career, or any other areas in life because they are well-informed.

We take information and knowledge for granted. We ridicule people who loves to read, by throwing comment like ‘too much reading is bad for you’. In Kurio, we believe the contrary. Knowledge is perhaps one thing that can escape point of diminishing return. There’s no such thing as ‘Knowledge Overwhelmed’. Good read, discover great information will help you to make better decision and choices. Learning from others is the smartest thing you can do to avoid mistakes in your life. Whether it’s career, business, relationships, marriages academics experience, all can take lessons from others to be better at those areas of our life.

We can’t wait to release Kurio hopefully very soon. This is our first version of the app, so there will be few mistakes and challenges. But do bare with us as we keep working hard to make it better and optimizing, iterating the app to bring the best experience and purpose for our users. Tablet version will be ready by early next year in 2014.

Good read, Good life

We're So Excited
We’re So Excited