home Inside Kurio It's Here. Kurio is Now Available for Download on Apple App Store, Android Coming Soon.

It's Here. Kurio is Now Available for Download on Apple App Store, Android Coming Soon.


Available for Download on Apple App Store
Available for Download on Apple App Store

What a great way to start the day when i get notification that our App Submission Kurio is approved on Apple App Store. And few hours after, i searched ‘Kurio’ on the App Store from my iPhone and there it is, all of our hard work, sweat, and sleepless nights appeared on the search result. We can’t express enough how happy we are knowing the process have been pretty smooth. While this is certainly doesn’t mean our job is finished, but it’s a small milestone for our team’s journey indeed. Tons of more hard work and challenges still ahead of us. We realize that, we embrace it, and hopefully we thrive in it.

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For now, we are not hoping to get tons of downloads for the first few weeks. But we do hope that user who download it, loves it, wants to keep using it. We will keep listening to any of users’ comment, feedback, input, critics, so please don’t hesitate to send us any message on Twitter @KurioApps or drop an email to support@kurioapps.com

For more info about Kurio please visit our website here and to learn more how to use or set up please read it here

Having said all that, please pardon for few bugs here and there, our team is working really hard to squash ’em all. Our Android version will soon also be available on Google Play. We can’t wait!