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Happy New Year 2015 from Kurio

You Are What You Read
Get Smarter, Together

The year 2014 has been a great year for Kurio team. We finally officially introduce our app to the market back in September 2014 and quickly double our users base to close to 70,000 users, where half of them use our app actively. Kurio was well accepted by Indonesia’s internet audience and we look forward to reach more of them this year. We’re happy to share that Kurio was selected as one of the 10 best startups by DailySocial and also was selected as “Best Local App” by Techlife Innovative Award 2014. There were many weeks where Kurio was also listed as #1 News App on App Store and Android Google Play. And we are thankful for great support from our users, your feedback and input are very valuable for us.

DS 10, 2014
DS 10, 2014

As we entering first week in 2015, we would like to take time and greets our users. Cheers for many great things this year. And as many new years in the past, we all have our own little goal to achieve, to be a better person, mastering or learning new skill, enjoying more success, healthier, and dozens of other goals.

In the end, we all want to be better. And it starts from knowing. Internet is our oyster. We can find almost anything from the internet, anytime, anywhere with the help of internet connected mobile phone. There’s no shortage of content and information around the world, anything we want to know. Knowing is the beginning of achieving our goals.

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Our goal this year is to bring Kurio experience to much bigger audience. We deeply believe we can help our users to discover all the necessary information they need to be better in life.

Our product and engineer team have been developing and improving the whole experience from installing our app all the way to getting the right content and information suitable to their likes and interests. We are making discovering process a lot easier to find topics and categories. We are also introducing many new topics, including new section that will be selected  by our editor team. One of the new cool features: SOCIAL. Yup, Kurio is about to become more social, users soon will discover unique news feed from their friends in their network and more. We’re excited to ship our new version soon. This is our biggest update to date. More details of what’s we’re developing on next post.

A well informed societies is the beginning to building great nation, stronger economy. So let’s get smarter together. Read more, know more, make better choices, and ultimately have a better quality life through technology. Be knowledgable.

You are what you read. So what do you want to be this year?