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Early Insights on Kurio: Our Users Love Kurio (Phheewwww….)

It’s been about two weeks since Kurio made its early introduction to the App Store and followed couple days later on Google Play. We can’t be more thrilled with the response, adoption, and most importantly its stickiness of our users towards Kurio.


We learned early that building a consumer mobile app is very tough. There are probably hundreds of new app born everyday. Our first initial target for Kurio was to zero in and focus to only one thing, to have what most Startup wants to have: “Product Market Fit” ; or translate that to general readers, it simply means we have a product that user want to use.


Early signal from this still very early insights we gather is our retention rate has been superb. Over 85% of our users (which are about 90% of our users are active users), return using Kurio under one day. Pheewwwww 🙂


Not only that, they also active and engage with the app in a way that exactly how we anticipate and hoping for. On average, Kurio users follow minimum of 10 topic, discovering and exploring Kurio almost twice a day, glancing over 20 article per session, and reading rate about close to 30% of those article.


It’s been our core passion and deep believe in the product that for market like Indonesia, where public library is close to non-existence, access to information is very limited, all the great resources and books are pretty expensive, and only available on upper segment of bookstores; service such Kurio will have significant impact for our users.


We won’t get tired or bored to remind our users, stakeholders, that we believe, no matter what you want to do or become, you can’t do it without knowledge. Kurio is an app that will enhance your knowledge and learning. Everyday is a new day, everyday we need to learn something new, know something that we didn’t know the day before.


Stay update with current news while discovering great, practical, and meaningful information presented in Kurio is something that we’ve been dreaming to elevate the level of quality, experience, and know how of Indonesia’s young generation.

I was once told that in order to “steal years of experience in working professional, only knowledge will get you by pass other competition.” Learning from others’ successes as well mistakes and failure are so valuable. Understanding fully of what’s going on in the field we’re working on will only prepare us for success to come. As many says: “Success is preparation meets opportunity.”


Kurio prepare our users. From the two elements: Preparation and Opportunities, we can only control the first. Opportunities is not something within our control, that comes from external and surrounding situation. But we must not fail at preparing ourselves.


Smart society is the one of the main key foundations of great nation. In the long vision, we see Kurio can become a small contributor of helping our users to be better at what they do. Regardless their background, experience, and situation.

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But, let’s not to be too serious, Kurio can be also fun. We do have rich selection of topics and sources for light reading. Like mentioned above, we still have great collection of current news, sports news, entertainment, lifestyle, healthy living, travel, hobbies, etc. And the list will only keep growing once we have more insights and better understanding of what the market needs.

Thank you for all the great support and feedback. We are constantly listening to our users. Only with your input, feedback, great questions, Kurio can keep improve. Tap me on Twitter @davidwayneika or email to david@kurioapps.com for any feedback and requests.