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Early Feedback, Input, and Updates on Kurio

Hi all. It’s great to see many of you have downloaded and give it a go for our new app Kurio.  We’re thrilled and deeply thankful that so far your feedback and comment regarding the app have been very positive and receptive. We do notice and fully understand there are few bugs and issues for some of our users.

Here are 4 most common input and comment, and we try to explain what’s happening right now: (there are more than just 4, but we think this is the major one that needs explanation)

1. Mixed content and language between local Indonesian language and English

As we preparing Kurio, our recommendation engine and curation team’s only goal is to make sure we have enough balance between great quality content for every topics in Kurio as well we want to offer ‘local’ feel to it. For our first initial phase, Kurio is meant more for local users. That’s why, by default you will see many of local stories and sources. We feel Kurio has to offer something different then the rest of other news app. As we were prioritizing local stories and sources, we find that for many topics like Leadership, Mobile Development, Self Help, StartUp, and many others; there were very little sources available from the local Indonesia. That’s why we decide that until we can make it fully 100% Indonesia local content and separate with the rest, we took decision that we just have to give some portion to the international/ english sources to fill those topics. Kurio is much more than just news app. In fact, Kurio’s mission is not about news. Kurio mission is to help users to be better at what they do. Hence, many topics available on Kurio as you notice on first time setting up the app is very geared towards industry/ profession related topic like: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Mobile Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media, etc…

Hope that explains why we need to mix Kurio’s content with English content to make sure we can deliver and recommend great stories from around the web. Simply ignoring or leaving the local content also is not an option. Afterall, Kurio is made in Indonesia, and we proud with that. We hope more and more sources and publishers will start connecting with Kurio so we can make sure slowly, but sure we get more of the local content.

Having said that, moving forward on our next release update, we will separate the content and let users decide. Whether they want their Kurio feed to be 100% Indonesia sources and language, 100% English, or they want mix. In the future, we are planning to permanently allow users to tell us their home base; ie: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, etc… so we can alter and personalise the content more to their local, popular, and familiar sources while still recommending great quality, useful, practical content from around the web on the specific topic that we feel the quality and volume is not sufficient.

2. Unmatched Headline and the Content Bugs.

We notice there are several sources and topics that present this issue. Our team is working around the clock to investigate, identify, and address those issues. You should see some improvements along within the next few days. It’s our first experience building such app, so we will make mistakes, own it, learn from it, and fix it 🙂

3. Love Button and Its Functionality

Some of you have asked and comment about the Love button inside an article. What does it do? How can you see all the ‘loved’ mark stories? Currently the ‘love’ button icon is not meant as bookmark function. It’s for letting our algorithm to aware which stories suits you, that you like. So our smart engine and recommendation algorithm take note of it and will soon be able to recommend more related stories uniquely to you. So, after a period of time, your ‘Technology’ topic or ‘Startup’ topic might have different stories/ content from other users’ ‘Technology’ topic or ‘Startup’ topic because we want to alter the content to suits you even more. We’re considering to give users another options to ‘bookmark’ save their favorite article, this will come soon on the next update as well.

4. Readibility and Content Format Issue

We also notice that on several content across topics and sources, you may have experienced false content, missing space, apostrophe, and content format. We are handling our engine as I typed this. Many of these thousands of sources that we have, currently have their own way and style of formatting their content and web sources. Our engineers are tackling it one by one to make sure Kurio presents the format content in the best possible way. And hopefully soon we will be able to tackle those issues. Like i mentioned above, we will mistakes, learn from it, own it, and make some changes.

We think, for now, those 4 issues above are the major bugs among smaller issues. We are taking this input and feedback very serious and we’re happy for your feedbacks. Keep it coming, tweet us @KurioApps or email us support@kurioapps.com or just tap me @davidwayneika for any further additional thoughts, comments, complains, critics, bugs, anything. Kurio won’t be as great as we want to without constant feedback from our users. Thank you again for downloading and using our app. For more info about what is Kurio, and how it’s different from other news app available, please go to: http://www.kurioapps.com/about and http://www.kurioapps.com/faq

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