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Be a Better You

My personal passion and mission is to help and see other people to be better in what they do. Especially in the context of what i do as tech startup. I constantly think about how i can contribute in that mission.

Internet , or the World Wide Web offers incredible explosion of knowledge access, complete transformation of how human being learn about things.

Unfortunately, in Indonesia, and many countries who are still relatively young in this internet era, uses Internet only for recreational purposes. Entertainment, YouTube, Social Network, Online Games, etc.. Not to say that those activities are wrong, but there’s has to be more.

It is a shame and waste if young generation only uses Internet on that level. We should take advantage of the access of knowledge provided by Internet to know more – actually everything there’s need to know.

I believe, that no matter what you want to do or become, you can’t do it without knowledge. Simply put, those friends or colleagues that appeared to be very smart and resourceful do not come natural. Yes, some who are blessed with certain IQ or level of intelligence seems to grasp things easier and faster, but most of them who we labelled ‘Smart’ are simply know more. They know more because they read more.

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About 4 months ago, i decided to move my thinking into action. We put up a small team on the idea of helping people to have full access of information that matters for them. Whatever their world or background is, marketer, engineer, staying home mom, designer, etc we should have something that can help them to better in what they do. The kind of story or content that would give them an edge and be better because they know more. They know a better way of doing things. Knowing is the beginning of action. Knowledge is power. I truly believe that.

We think we have something. We’ve created a beautiful mobile app to help users who want to be better. A personal content discovery app that help users to easily discover useful, informative story that will help them to know more about specific topics or interest.

We hope with this app, we can help users to excel in what they do. We want to be able to equip and empower our users.

As we’re gearing up for finalizing and testing phase of the app, we’re very excited in the process of making it, believing that this app will actually have a value for our users. After closing an app on our mobile, the general satisfaction feeling that we get is entertained. With our app, we want users to feel that they’ve learned something today. They know something that they didn’t know before.

Stay tuned, more updates on the app availability will be posted soon.