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7 Great Topics Every Startup Should Follow On Kurio

We are starting our series of blog post on giving suggestions on which topic to follow for our users from different background. This week, we want to share great topics that every startup should follow to discover, learn more insights on practical and useful information to be better at what they do. Most of us will make better decision or choices in life when we are well informed. That's our core believe when we start built Kurio. We want to help our users exposed to great content that will help them to be better at what they do.

7 Topics on Kurio that every startups should follow on Kurio:

1. Product Development.

We have great collection on best practice, tips, and great post about art of product development and everything relate to that.

2. Mobile Development.

On this topic, we specifically highlight many sources and article about mobile development, mobile marketing, mobile advertising, mobile monetisation, mobile strategy, app development, etc. If you are working on a mobile product, you might want to check it out.

3. UI/UX

User Interface, User Experience, and Usability are some of subjects that crucially important for any startup. We want to help our users to be able to discover great practical tips and information so we can build great product based on great design

4. Web Development

There are so many and rapid update on latest technology and user behavior that transform how we develop a website. This topic covers many areas around web development

5. Product Marketing

Product marketing is a practice that not many startup exposed to. It's not necessary just marketing, but specifically about how to market your product. We hope we can provide many great sources and information so we can promote our product to get more visibility and user traction.

6. Startup

Duhh… 🙂 As expected, find many great articles and stories about Startup news from local sources like Daily Social, Startupbisnis.com, to regional news from E27, and the rest of the world. We try our best to get more relevant stories for you.

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7. Leadership

This area of so called 'art' is often forgotten and underrated skill by most startup. Startup is basically a group of people, led by the Founders that are trying to reach common goal through unknown situation. Strong leadership skill will help your team and product to navigate through tough times and know how to reach and face certain market situation or any team work culture. Great leaders will be a key factor in determine whether your product or company will hit 'home-run' in the market. It all start from your leadership. Learn traits, attributes, tips, and how to be great leader so you're able to attract great talent, retain them, and together enjoying the journey as a startup.

Please note that we are continuously adding our sources and stories along the way, so stay tune, and we appreciate your kind understanding if several topics might not have the full complete stories that you expect to have. We promise we will make it awesome and more important, be useful and practical for you.

You can find all these great list of topics on our main topic in Business and Product Development on your first time download our app, during personalise your Kurio page. And also you can add and discover more list of Kurio topics when you tap the Axis, and find 'Explore' menu on your top right hand side of the screen.


If you have any further request of more topics or area/ field of interest, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email to david@kurioapps.com or tap me on Twitter @davidwayneika

Have fun!



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